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3D simulation at work


Size & fit monitoring: Ideal doesn’t always fit

Correct, representative body measurements and shapes, the representation of the 2D original pattern and the corresponding material behavior are essential to effectively monitor size & fit in 3D and to replace physical worksteps with digital workflows. This can all be done with Vidya.


Size & fit optimization: This fits today’s requirements

Fashion manikins with real size & fit are a great way to start. Especially if the same body dimensions and shapes are in the physical world, in CAD and 3D tailors´busts. This means that you can customize your basic patterns to match the “customer body” of today, or simply go with the new measurements and ready-made sizes. The data from Vidya come from the world’s largest representative database for body measurements.


Variant monitoring: As many patterns as you want

Color (overlay colors), materials (texture/elasticity/drape) and prints can be changed quickly with Vidya and imaged and verified for all sizes. A huge gain in quality - and one that cannot be implemented outside of the computer.


Selection of material: Faster overview of the impact your colors, patterns and textures will have

Vidya does without scanatars and fashion manikins for fabrics purchasing. You can test the materials on offer on various (old) models, providing clarity about impact and drape – and with Automarker/Autocost, you can optimally assess your fabric requirements too.


Collaboration: A simulation says more

Form and shape is missing in the CAD pattern and drawing... so the size & fit philosophy of your brand comes up short too. With 3D you can change that – you don’t always have to wait until the final pattern to start collaborating.


Production: Communicate clearly all over the world

Your overseas production partner will also be grateful for a clear statement about how a model garment should sit. Collaboration goes faster and you’ll get fewer surprises with the physical pattern – especially if you’re still working with fashion manikins in the same size & fit.


Marketing/Sales: Let’s get into the catalog

You no longer have to wait on patterns and photographs for many models. Every field sales person can do his or her job with a laptop and can show many more variants than before – and the same applies to brochures and eShops.