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3D Vidya is quite simply a jackpot for companies with their own development.

Optimal results in the simulation of material, pattern, human and motion.

Your customer as an avatar: With the Vidya Avatar Tool, you can exactly map your target group from hundreds of thousands of data sets – and integrate it digitally into your collection development.

Motion: Both scanatars and garments can move in Vidya. Scanatars can pose, sit down or take steps. And the 3D model moves with the scanatar, wrinkling or stretching, for example, to exactly match the specific motion.

Material: Vidya simulates the physical properties of fabrics and accessoires – such as texture, elasticity and stiffness – in interaction with the body and with one other. Colors can be imaged as overlay colors, even when combined with glossy or matt finishes.

Pattern: The 2D pattern is displayed in 3D as if it had been stitched in real life. Vidya creates a totally realistic simulation of all fabrics, folds, seams, darts, buttonholes – and their properties. If the pattern is changed, the simulation is re-created. This means that the size & fit of the pattern can be reviewed and refined. And a 3D preview in 2D also helps in the preparation.

Humans and fashion manikins: Vidya represents the dimensions of your target group – exactly. The software comes with an extensive population of scanatars (avatars with correct, representative dimensions) and digital fashion manikins. These digital fashion manikins correspond exactly to the SizeGERMANY fashion manikins. And it’s not just the body dimensions and shapes that are correct – the texture and characteristics of the skin are also perfect.