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3D and its massive potential

Vidya is the most powerful 3D system on the market. This not only affects the quality of simulation, but also the interaction with other basic IT systems in the fashion process. The Human Solutions Group technologies support a continuous process without media discontinuities and redundant data entries. This also saves time and costs and increases the quality of your processes at the same time.

  • Cad.Assyst: Transfer your CAD pattern straight into Vidya. 3D preview for sewing. Free Viewer for all colleagues and partners.
  • PLM GoLive: Direct transfer, management and provision of 3D data (and images), with automated workflows throughout the entire collection development... even via the Cloud . Then both ERP BOS and SAM – the mobile system for your field sales force – go into action.
  • iSize: Current body measurements and shapes of each target group for men, women and children around the world. Available as a table, or a 3D fashion manikin or scanatar for Vidya.
  • SizeGERMANY fashion manikins: What Vidya shows you on the computer can also be physically checked with fashion manikins.